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God is your Father (Abba - "daddy") who loves you as a good parent always loves their children.  He also wants to guide you into an "abundant life" where you enjoy peace, contentment, and happiness here on Earth.  Most important, God wants you to actually experience his constant presence with you.  Are you enjoying his companionship?

God so loves you, he wants you to actually feel his love, experience his omnipresence, and enjoy his companionship as he walks with you and talks to you during your daily experiences. 

God is just like all parents who enjoy being with their children and watching them mature and succeed.

Ongoing conversation with God is called "praying without ceasing" because prayer is simply talking to God.

  This Web Page presents basic faith information and quick review of websites about God, his nature, and his purpose for your life.  GOD 101 gives simple guidance on how to meet him and enjoy his constant presence in your life.  

GOD 101 will lead you straight into God's lap.  It shows you a simple way into God's "Kingdom of Heaven" and then guides you into it.  This is life's greatest spiritual experience and your personal assurance of eternal life!

In our time, there are so many religious systems, spiritual leaders, and diverse ideas about the nature of man and God that one hardly knows what to believe. 

In Western Civilization over the past 2,000 years, it generally has been believed Jesus had the key to the "abundant life," and for finding and pleasing God. 

There agreement ends.  The diverse and profuse ideas about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and denominations that result create massive confusion.

GOD 101 purposes to resolve that problem.  The Chaplain has returned to the basic beliefs and teachings of Jesus (the "Red Letters" of the New Testament). God 101 is written in simple language for easy reading and understanding.

Click below to go to GOD 101 and read it at your leisure.  It is free. You can down load and print it page by page to simplify your study.  Try a few pages and you will see it takes you where you want to go.  It takes you into understanding Jesus and then into a face-to-face meeting with God.

For clarifying information on topics related to your faith and GOD 101, see any of these sites:


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Abraham's "secret" at  www.abraham-101.org

Jesus' Prayer is our "creed" that tells us our Fathers grace and gives us his directions.  It is at: www.lordsprayer-101.info/


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